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Today we will tell you about one of the best and leading schools in Pune city following the CBSE Curriculum and moulding the students to grow into promising citizens.  The advanced and progressive facilities offered by both the Hadapsar Campus and Balewadi Campus of GIIS Pune has fetched the recognition of notable student-friendly CBSE schools in Pune city.  They believe that along with academics it is necessary to give equal importance to extracurricular activities which are enjoyed by the students.

Such activities boost social, emotional and academic development of the students. Their utmost priority is the well-being and growth of the students and hence they try to personalise the schooling process to discover the best in each and every student.

The facilities offered by GIIS Pune to enliven and boost up a student career are:

  9 GEMS Holistic Framework-

An internationally applauded educational policy that combines both eastern and western learning methods, is a comprehensive policy focusing equally on academics, sports, skills, and values. The nine gems on which GIIS lay the emphasis are-

  • Academic Excellence
  • Sports Excellence
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Personality Development
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  • Universal Values and Ethics
  • Community and Care
  • Skill Development

Extra-curricular activities

Both the campuses have arrangements of ECA and CCA activities for the welfare of the students. Extra-curricular activities help to acuminate the unique talents of each individual student. Students need to participate in at least one activity under the above-mentioned categories. Different clubs that are set up to ensure the development of social skills of the student are-

  • Eco Club- A centre for environmental activities
  • Public Speaking Club- A centre to encourage public speaking and debates
  • Jhankar Club- A centre for Dance
  • GIIS Chef- A centre encouraging cooking skills without fire
  • Major Dhyan Chand Club- A centre for sports
  • Aryabhatta Club- A centre for polishing Math
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Co-curricular activities-

CCA includes participation by students in talent shows, performances, competitions, different clubs and additional classroom work. GIIS recognises that talents need exposure to let the students pursue their passion in future and shine in the field of their choice. Participation in different activities also promotes social integration and improves the self-confidence of the students. Diverse skills-based learning options engage the students in various CCAs such as Yoga, outdoor games like table tennis, cricket, basketball and indoor games like chess. Many of these ECAs and CCAs are held by grouping students into Four Houses to inculcate a sense of affinity, comradeship and amity. This system also encourages healthy competition and stimulates the desire to win and achieve. Such a system also prepares the student to face failures with dignity and courage.

SMART Facilities-

Both Hadapsar and Balewadi have the GIIS SMART Campus with CBSE Curriculum and avant-garde infrastructure and recent technologies. Modern facilities under the SMART Campus that benefit the student are-

Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System (SPEDAS)-Such an international level technology being used in a school-level sports field is surely a groundbreaker. The GIIS SMART Campus utilizes digital data to refine and polish students’ sports with the aim of supporting their sporting talents.

High-Speed Network Infrastructure- The campus-wide wifi system with futuristic infrastructure, provides high-speed and smoother digital connectivity to the students and teachers.

School Premises- Expansive and broad spectrum of spaces guarantees ideal campus life for the students in a culturally heterogeneous environment. The campus facilities include-

  • Specialized Pre-primary classrooms
  • Montessori Laboratory
  • Kindergarten Play Area
  • Dance Studio
  • Art and Craft Lab
  • IT Lab
  • Maths Lab
  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Outdoor Playfield
  • Indoor Sports
  • Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values
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Safety and Security-

One of the best techniques applied to secure the safety of the students is the system of Secure ID with Facial Recognition. GIIS SMART Campus spares no effort to assure each and every student feels safe within the premises, and that the parents are well informed about their child’s whereabouts. ‍In addition to traditional security guards, innumerable CCTV cameras are installed within the school premises to provide the final layer of safety and security. The history and backgrounds of each member of the working staff and employees who are in either direct or indirect contact with the students are thoroughly surveyed and inspected for further security of the students.

Facilities to maintain the wellness of the students-

In order to ensure the healthy growth of students, the environment within the premises is maintained with utmost care. The constructive planning of both the campuses is such that they are engulfed with natural sunlight throughout the day. High indoor air quality, proper ventilation and optimum temperature are maintained by the architectural design of the buildings. Physical activities in the campuses also uplift the health of the students. To promote such activities, a walkable environment is built within and outside the campuses that associate students with green spaces and therapeutic landscapes. This kind of exposure to nature instigates physical activities and lowers the rate of being absent from school due to illness.

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