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As per the best nutritionist in India, diabetes was once termed as rich man’s condition. India is experiencing increased rate of diabetes prevalence among all social economic status. It is a condition in which the glucose levels in blood is increasing due to decreased production of insulin from the pancreas to transfer glucose from blood to the cells. So what exactly is diabetes? Can it be controlled? If so how? Does it mean to avoid all the foods you love eat and follow a strict diet pattern? Is it life threatening?

Diabetes is classified as Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Gestational diabetes. Each having its own symptoms which is life threatening as well. As per the best nutritionist in India, some of the symptoms include feeling thirsty, using rest rooms more often especially during night times, feeling hungry even after finishing meals, experiencing unusual weight lose, feeling tired most of the times, delay in healing wounds, experiencing eye related issues like blur vision. Very high uncontrolled blood sugar levels can also affect the heart, kidney functions as well. Simple life style changes can give greater results.

Is there way to ease the symptoms? Is medication only solution?

Diabetes may be severe in some cause on the other hand the symptoms can be mild. As we discussed above on the symptoms, some may experience all and some may experience few. The individual will have high glucose in the blood, so most of the people will be expected to cut down on sugary, highly refined and processed food. When person comes to know that they have diabetes the first thought comes to their mind is from now on I will not be able to eat my favourites. They lose hope that life long they cannot eat particular food and end up with food craving. They don’t have motivation to follow the correct dietary habits and end up munching more on the sugary food because of cravings and may also end up in depression.

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It need not be on the above way. Diabetes people does not need to live a life where they are deprived from their favourite foods. According to the best nutritionist in India, what is important to concentrate more is that they have to concentrate more on healthy living, eating balanced diet, boosting their energy levels and to reduce the habit that is making the symptoms bad. If you are an obese person then steps needed to be taken for reducing the weight and thus it helps to decrease the glucose in the blood. Small efforts can give a greater result. Practice healthy eating, include physical exercise that may help to reduce stress, depression keeps body and mind healthy. Some may be told to take insulin in a long run. Without proper dietary habits under a nutrition professional insulin my not work better. Food is very important to get better results from the medication one is consuming.


Choose high fiber and low GI foods:

To manage blood sugar levels, it is important to choose foods that have low GI (Glycaemic index). What is glycaemic index? In simple terms it means choosing food that will not spike glucose level in the blood immediately. Because immediate spike is not good for health and it will cause major health issue. So it is important to choose food that gradually increases glucose levels two hours of consuming the food.  Choose complex carbohydrates that will help to maintain the glucose levels in the blood. They will digest slowly hence not much insulin is needed from the pancreas for body to digest and produce energy.

Tips on how to control the blood glucose levels:

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Eat on regular interval- Small and frequent meals.

Apart from 3 major meals have small meal like snack in between which can reduce your cravings? And let your 3 major meals contain all the major nutrient like carbohydrates (complex), protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.  Maintain the quantity, timing of meal similar to each day in the week. Never skip meals it may cause fluctuation in the glucose levels.

Choose healthy fats:

Unsaturated fats are known as healthy fats. They contain omega 3 fatty acids that will reduce the inflammation from the body, improve heart and brain health. According to the best nutritionist in India, they are the source from fish, nuts, peanut, vegetable oil, pumpkin seed, flax seed, and sesame seed.

Unsaturated fats are present in your red meats, dairy, processed meats. They have to be consumed in moderation according to one’s body condition. It’s not that you need to avoid completely but moderation can work good.

Avoid unhealthy fat totally that is the trans fats. It gives no health benefits are the reason for increased cravings. They are the sugary biscuits, cakes and confectionaries.


Have a track on meals:

Make sure you have track on the meals you are consuming. It will help you to have a mindful eating and give you more clarity on how your eating pattern is and are there any changes to be done to your dietary habits. It will also give you details more on you to you like which part of the day you feel to munch more on refined carbohydrates and processed foods and it will give you an idea where you have to add on meals to stop craving and inclusion of which meal to reduce the craving.

Choose healthy cooking methods:

It also very important to choose proper cooking methods as equal as what foods we include and avoid. Cooking by following boiling, grilling, roasting, baking. Avoid frying as it absorbs more of fats and eliminate the nutrient from the food.

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Be active- Move more:

We are prone to sedentary life style where most of the people are into desk jobs that they move very less. It is very important to incorporate more of physical activity that will improve the blood circulation and cardio health and excrete toxins from our body. As per the best nutritionist in India, try to choose slow intensity to moderate intensity like walking it will improve your breathing and eliminate more of CO2 from the body, which is one of the ways to eliminate toxins from the body and improve the overall health.

Above are some of the outlines you can follow when you have hyperglycaemia. Proper monitoring of blood glucose levels and healthy interesting food habits and exercise can help to reduce the symptoms. One will definitely need a health professional who can monitor and guide you more towards healthy living.

We at QUA plan a customized diet plan that will we made after getting to know about you body composition, clinical assessment, diet recall, 24 hour diet pattern. It will help us to know more on your diet habits, where the changes have to be made and retrained. Being the best nutritionist in Bangalore, we give a diet chart that includes healthy carbohydrates, with requirement amount of protein, fat according to your body need. The carbohydrates will be split equally throughout the day thus helps to maintain your blood glucose levels. We educate you more on how to eat and how to balance life with regards to health. Proper guidance can help you manage your health, mind, body and soul.

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