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When you notice that after eating something sweet or sugary, your body feels down and you are not able to attempt everything by your own, then you urgently require fetching a doctor. If the doctor suggests that you cannot have more sweets, it means that you have diabetes and avoid consuming sugar.

Diabetes is the body condition when it stops processing the food to use for energy. The food we eat contains carbohydrates and starch. These are the main source of consuming sugar indirectly. The sugar we consume gets converted into glucose for body uses as the source of energy.

The pancreas is responsible for controlling the sugar level in blood by secreting a sugar controlling hormone called insulin. When it stops working, you see many health decreasing changes in the body. You have to take insulin with the help of a syringe.

However, not only sugar you consume can be harmful, but stress, depression and anxiety can also lead to metabolic disease and increases blood sugar levels. Other risk factors are including obesity, low levels of good cholesterol and the effect of sedentary life.

Through this article, we will be able to understand what does it feel like a person with diabetes, what cure can be adopted to nullify its effects and how can financial status helps a diabetic to come up with healthy life.

Understanding the two types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes

  • Under this type of diabetes, an autoimmune disease develops in the pancreas.
  • This disease destroys the cells of the pancreas that secretes insulin.
  • It affects the regulation of pancreatic juice or insulin in the body and the body loses the capacity of regulating the amount of glucose in the body.
  • It often happens during childhood
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Best considered Insulin-

  • The most common treatments to cure type 1 diabetes.
  • People can take these injections at home without much frequent guidance of the doctor.

Uses of Verapamil-

In clinical research of the year 2018, experts found that Verapamil can be a substitute for treating people with diabetes.

  • It lowers the fast flow of glucose levels in the blood
  • This drug improves the production of insulin in the pancreas
  • Reduces the need for taking insulin injections

However, this medicine has not been approved yet, but research is going to tackle the situation.

Implantable devices

  • Several researches have been proclaimed that the use of implantable devices can be a better way to avoid taking insulin injections.
  • The implantable device, when inserted in the pancreas, can protect beta cells present in the pancreas that promotes pancreas to produce natural insulin.
  • Researchers found that a life span of an implantable device can be up to 6 months. It means a diabetic person who has used this therapy has to acknowledge the suggestion of the doctor of its timely replacement.

Type 2 diabetes

  • Under this type of diabetes, the person is not affected by autoimmune disease.
  • People develop a decrease in the sensitivity of insulin.
  • It weakens the pancreas and body does not be able to regulate as much insulin as it needs.
  • This is more common among adults.
  • Outside forces can make it worse than the patients who have type 1 diabetes.
  • Irregular diet and obesity are the major cause of this type of diabetes.



  • Although properly managed lifestyle and healthy eating habits can help the person to cure, his type 2 diabetes medicines play the best part in this.
  • The medications can lower blood glucose and give a boost to the insulin production by activating pancreas.
  • Sulfonylureas and Dopamine-2 agonist are the types of medications; a patient needs to go with.
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Strict diet-

  • The person with type 2 diabetes has to follow a strict diet and consume food without any sugar components.
  • Have to determine with the natural food too as some of the fruits contain the maximum amount of sugar.

Financial support

Persons who are affected by diabetes or want to help people with diabetes can sustain financial help from direct lenders by simply applying for loans for unemployed. These loans can help you a lot in maintaining a diabetic life with all precautions and taking proper treatment.


Diabetes can be controlled from its adversities at an early stage, though an initial treatment can cure all possible problems created by this. However, eating good food enriched with all nutrients and other health benefits can help in the prevailing treatment.

This nutritional value of food can help even in the chronic stage of diabetes. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can bring a set of various diseases and even lead to death. God has blessed us a beautiful life, and we cannot disturb its existential proficiency with any of frequent health risks.

In addition to this, maintaining body weight, regular exercise, including meditation and yoga, can release healthy hormones in the body and prevent you from creating a shield against any diabetes.

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