Topic: 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Throw Away Those Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel packets are everywhere! The reason for this is simple: these packets can be used for an assortment of reasons. Silica particles look deceptively like sugar particles, but any silica gel packets supplier can tell you from experience that it is not actually sugar. Silica gel crystals are very toxic and must not be ingested. These cobalt-free silica gel crystals are desiccants, which means they have the property of extracting moisture from the atmosphere.

These sachets come with all sorts of products such as shoe boxes, electronics, purses, as well as any other products that need to be kept dry during transport and usage. These tiny sachets can absorb about 40 percent of their weight in moisture. The technical name for this cobalt-free silica gel is silica xerogel.

Companies such as Bee Chems are one of the leading nano-silica suppliers, with over 50 years of experience. Such companies with a history of manufacturing quality products can be the perfect choice for all your silica needs. Silica sachets not only absorb water; they also prevent the growth of mold, mildew, or other such odors. Here are some of the top reasons why you should hold on to those cobalt-free silica gel crystals to be used as a desiccant.

Dry A Wet Phone

You may have accidentally dropped your phone in water or the moisture from a shower has gotten into your phone, messing with the performance. If that’s so, just put it in a jar filled with these small sachets, they work much better than rice and are so much more efficient. This can also be done when you are going to a damp environment and wish to keep your phone dry and functioning at the highest standards. You will require plenty of sachets for this. So get in touch with a nano-silica supplier for it.

Prevent Moisture From Affecting Jewellery 

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Moisture is one of the biggest reasons that jewelry loses its shine. It tarnishes the jewelry making sure you have to spend more time and effort polishing the pieces. It works exceptionally well with coated plush-lined boxes with silica gel packets as it prevents moisture from infiltrating the linen as well.

Neutralize The Smell Of Gym Bags

Gym bags are home to a lot of different smells, and none of them pleasant. They carry your damp clothes and shoes after a particularly hard day and the gym, and it shows. This smell is generated by the bacteria that live in the moisture; therefore, if you remove the bacteria, you remove the smell. A couple of sachets of cobalt-free silica gel and your gym bag will go back to smelling as pleasant as ever.

Strengthen Documents

In very humid places moisture can stick to important documents. Silica gel packets can help strengthen the structural integrity of the pages preventing them from becoming soggy and easy to disintegrate.  

Increase The Shelf Life Of Food

Silica gel packets can be used to keep foods like bread crumbs and crackers nice and crispy and always fresh to eat. These packets can also be used for pet food. This is especially useful for those owners that purchase pet food in bulk to save money. This can keep the feed from getting stale and soggy, making sure your pet gets the best they deserve.

Keep Medication In Tact

Medication is one of the products that moisture affects disastrously and medicine is one of the objects that you should not lose their potency. Some pill bottles come with cotton lining to absorb the moisture, but for those that don’t; you can always pop a couple of those useful silica gel sachets in.

Home freshener

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For this neat trick, you will have to remove the cobalt-free silica gel balls from their sachet and put them in a bowl. To this bowl, you can add some drops of essential oils for the air freshener smell to really get going. This is also a great way to make instant potpourri, although it is important to make sure not to handle the balls with your bare hands as they have the tendency to cause minor skin infections.

Freshen Cupboards and Drawers

This is a great hack to keep your cupboards and drawers free from that stale smell that happens over time. This will keep your cupboard from smelling dank and your clothes from smelling musty. This is also a great hack to keep the seasonal items in tip-top condition, ensuring that they do not depreciate in value or get spoilt because of moisture.


With so many different applications for these silica gel packets, it’s a wonder they ever get thrown away. If you want to make sure your decorations do not get spoilt when not in use, buy silica balls from trusted supplies like Bee Chems. With them, you know your decorations are in good hands.

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