5 Undeniable Benefits of Hiring a Professional Italian to English Freelance Translator

In our increasingly globalized world, the need for translators is increasing at a high rate. Most organizations are seeking translators to translate their websites or marketing content from native languages to English. English is the third most widely-spoken language, which accounts for about 330 million people globally. Therefore, the need to seek out the services of a high-quality translator cannot be over-emphasized. Is your business scaling internationally? Do you need to communicate to a wider target audience? A professional translator will come in handy to bring out the best of your organization to the world. This post discusses the benefits that come from hiring a professional Italian to English freelance translator.

  • Cultural Understanding

You can know two languages, but translating in these languages can prove to be a challenge. It is not an automatic process even when you are a native speaker. Translation is a special skill that takes time to develop and master. Global giant Coca-Cola suffered huge losses and embarrassment when they attempted to translate their brand name “Coca-Cola” to Chinese, which translated to “Bite The Wax Tadpole.” Such a grave error would have been avoided with a professional translator who understands the context in terms of the culture of the language you are translating to. A quick internet search will bring up many examples of translation mistakes in advertising. Hiring professional Italian to English translators will help you capture the nuances of the second language and the business culture of the people. A good translator should be well-versed in diverse cultures of the source and target language. An understanding of in-depth cultural knowledge will help the translation meet the required impact of the message. 

  • Affordability
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When you hire professional freelance Italian to English translators, you are guaranteed to save a small fortune. There is no need to pay agency fees as you would if you were to consult an agency’s services. Freelancers work on the go. Therefore, they don’t incur high overhead costs, making it easier for them to provide their services at more affordable rates. On the other hand, working with an agency will drive up the cost to cater for the agency fee and the translator.

Among the biggest hurdles of hiring new talent for an organization is investing in training. Hiring a freelancer saves on training costs since they come to you as a work-ready talent who can deliver and make valuable contributions to the bottom-line with no training required. 

Time is money, and the more time you have to execute your core business, the more money you will bring in. You can devote your time and energy to more pressing matters, leaving the professional translator to meet your organization’s translation needs. 

  • Work is prioritized

When you engage the services of freelance Italian to English translators, they ensure that your work is given priority. A freelance translator can plan and schedule their work according to the hours they are available. Therefore, they will treat you as the most important client giving you top priority treatment instead of hiring an agency, which will consider big-budget clients who bring in the lion’s share of their budgets.

  • Flexibility and consistency

Freelance translators operate on irregular hours. They are not limited to office operating hours like an agency. This flexibility gives you an advantage as your projects get completed in a more timely manner. Another benefit of having flexible working hours is that a client can execute changes or make edits when he needs to instead of waiting for office hours when working with an agency employee. 

When working on a project with a professional freelance Italian to English translator, you are assured of consistency. Consistency is a critical element in marketing for customers to trust your brand. 

  • No middle man
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Working with a freelance Italian to English translator gives you direct access to their services. Eliminating the middle man gives you the ease in communication, which is vital, and nothing gets lost in translation. If you have questions about a certain task, you can directly reach the translator and have your issues addressed immediately. Edits are implemented almost immediately, and your projects are completed faster. It is also easier to work with professional freelance translators as you can build a trusting relationship that can benefit you both in the long-term. As you interact with them, you can easily gauge their professionalism, level of language proficiency, and reliability. You can also verify their work from previous clients with a certain surety that it’s their work.

Hiring a professional freelance translator will bring many benefits to your company. Don’t be counted as one of the organizations that have suffered worldwide embarrassment, massive losses, and customer disapproval from mistranslations and cultural gaffes. Instead, work with a professional freelance Italian to English translator and have someone reliable and knowledgeable to work with. 

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