Pros and Cons of an E2 Visa

Investing and creating a new business is indeed no easy feat. Anyone who wants to indulge in this financial venture must be a risk-taker and possess an entrepreneur’s ability. This event will be even more complex if you decide to invest your money in other countries, such as the United States. But would this be possible? 

Foreign investors interested in investing their money in the existing or newly created business in the U.S. are welcome to try their luck by applying for the E2 visa. If they qualify, they may work and live in the U.S. for some time. To give you more details about the E2, you may check the E2 Visa Guide. But, as of now, let us first know the basic pros and cons of this visa. 



The E2 visa allows you to work and live in the United States. You are also eligible to extend your stay in two-year increments. But what is most exciting about this is you don’t have to worry about residing there alone, as you can also bring your family with you under the E2 dependent visa. You can get your spouse and your children under 21 years to live with you in the U.S.

Your spouse can apply for work in the country, while your children can enroll in any school they prefer to attend. However, your kids can no longer be qualified to apply for a work visa under the E2 investor visa. Despite this, it doesn’t change that you are with your family while being miles apart from your home country. 

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Every investment usually has a minimum amount of investment. But the E2 visa does not require you of any amount as long as it is more than enough to establish and operate a profitable business. Hence, it would be too advantageous for you to invest depending on your will. 


As an E2 visa holder, you can stay outside the United States for an undetermined period. You may still re-enter after your transaction to other countries if you do not commit any violations. Hence, if you have anything to do outside the United States, you may use this factor to your advantage.



If your investment business fails, it means that you have to leave the United States. This rule is still effective even if your period of stay hasn’t yet expired. It may be too much to think of, but that’s how it is. 


If you are thinking of using your E2 visa as a way for permanent residency, you’ve got it wrong. The E2 investor visas do not allow you to get a green card in the United States. This situation only means that while you are under the E2, you do not enjoy the benefits of being a permanent resident. 


After knowing the pros and cons of an E2 visa, many people across borders would still want to apply for this. It doesn’t matter how much risk it costs them, but the mere fact that it gives them more benefits once they pursue it. If you are one of the population, it would be recommendable to ask further advice from an immigration lawyer to understand all the information about the E2 visa fully and have a greater chance to qualify for one. After all, you must remember that applying for this visa and even investing in U.S.-based businesses entails various complications, which you must endure if you want this risk-taking adventure a success. 

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