Setting Up the Counters in Your Office? Here are a Few Things to Look at


Within offices, you must have seen the counters. These counters have a specially made screening film that is made using a mix of acrylic plastics and polymers. Sometimes they are also made of glass as well.

These Perspex counter screens work best in offices and other business areas. You must have seen them in shopping malls, banks, post offices, railway ticket counters, and various other places.

If you have a similar type of business place like where customer transactions occur daily and in bulk or your clients come to meet your staff in your office then it might be a good idea to install these pieces of hardware in your business place.

There are indeed some benefits first of all that we have to check out.  These include-

Their wide variety of users across industries means that they are fit for durable and long term use

It is indeed true that you can see these transparent polyacrylic film counters being installed in a wide range of industries.  These include shopping malls, ticket counters in all places, banks, railway offices, etc.

The wide use of these means that they have some good advantages about them that are true. They are highly durable and can easily sustain a period of a few years.

This is also supported by the fact that they are quick to install and simple to use. Once installed they have a long and durable service period.  You may check out the most durable counter screens on VC Print.

They are available in many different sizes 

The best part why there are so many industries using these counters is because they are available in different shapes and sizes, thus whether you have to cover a small area or a larger area, it can be done easily using these transparent counters.

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With so many sizes available it gives the user a lot of flexibility in choosing the ideal shape and size according to their industry.

Super easy to clean them

The one big benefit of using these transparent counters is that they are super easy and simple to clean. Thus your staff can easily clean them daily. And guess what you don’t have to buy any special chemicals as well to clean off these Perspex counter screens.

What are transparent acrylic L brackets and what are they used for?

There is one thing that you must have noticed that when placed side by side they have to be affixed using clear acrylic L brackets.

These acrylic brackets can be used for affixing these counters in various surfaces such as wood, brick walls, and even other surfaces such as plywood and other substances.

Where can you buy them?

Now there are various online and offline sales channels available for buying these acrylic brackets. You can buy them from a local hardware store or even from online places such as the online website of VC Print.

What can you benefit from when buying online?

There are loads of benefits to the users when you are buying online.  The first thing is that you can compare different online portals like these and find the portal selling these brackets at the best prices.

The other thing is that the offers and discounts that you can avail of here are pretty good and one can get them around the year.

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Using the acrylic brackets

The best part about using these clear acrylic L brackets is that you can install them almost seamlessly into the counter screens which are also made of plastics or transparent fiber or glass and give your office or reception desk or the cash counters a nice transparent look.

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