Benefits of Canada Immigration for Indian Migrants

canadian permanent resident visa

Migration to Canada opens you up to myriad benefits. For instance, the permanent resident status gives you the freedom to move between provinces and territories, switch employers, and multiple other legal rights.

More importantly, there are no stipulations regarding the expiration date of the PR. You can even apply for citizenship, with the condition that you spend at least three out of every five years in the country.

However, since Canada offers so many opportunities, the immigration process is rigorous and requires the candidates to adhere to the various requirements. There are also different kinds of immigration programs, for example:

  1. Express Entry Program (Federal Skilled Worker)
  2. The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)
  3. Canadian Investor Immigration, and more.

Furthermore, Indian immigrants have a stellar track record with the Canadian immigration system. For instance, 42 percent of Indians received the total ITAs (Invitation to Apply) in 2018, which amounts to nearly 40,000 Canadian permanent resident visa invitations.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of migrating to Canada for Indian migrants.

Immense healthcare benefits

Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It is publicly funded, which means medical expenses are borne by the taxpayers. Citizens are covered under the holistic healthcare network as part of the largely free services provided by doctors and minimal hospital charges. You can also avail of public health insurance for advanced benefits.

After three months of moving to Canada, you can use the healthcare services provided by the country. Furthermore, it is also crucial to note that senior citizens or individuals above the age of 65 can have free access to pills or tablets.

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Immense professional prospects and spiritual contentment

Canada is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, which can provide job opportunities in multiple industries for people with varied skillsets. For instance, it has myriad prospects for individuals in managerial, legal, retail, medical, and multiple other professions.

Spiritual contentment is also achievable in the country, which stems from the fact that individuals can fulfil their holistic requirements and successfully raise a family. Canada has a sophisticated immigration framework that upholds family values and enables migrants to sponsor their partner, spouse, parents, children, etc., to join the country.

In fact, you will not even have to sponsor them as many programs have clauses for bringing your partner or children along with you. But you must understand the nuanced requirements since the rejection rate for applications is also high. You may seek advice from consultants for Canada PR or the visa recipients.

Top school-level education

Canada invested USD 68.1 billion in education in 2016-17 with a nearly 10.7 percent increase in nominal spending. It is a relatively higher number than any other developed nation. It has paved the way for Canada to employ a sophisticated system for learners.

The education is free for primary and secondary students, including high school learning. The education system and benefits may vary as per the province, but the advanced education system remains constant. So, as a Canadian permanent resident visa holder, you can provide a child with a stellar education.

Child development benefits 

There are multiple benefits for steering the development of the child. For instance, Ottawa offers monthly financial assistance to students depending on the parent’s or guardians’ income until they turn 17.

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Furthermore, from remote provinces to bustling cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, Canada can provide a safer environment than other nations, including the United States. It is also important to note the lower crime rates encompassing all the population classes.

All such factors render a constructive environment for the children and provide them with the crucial essentials to become leaders. One such example is Jagmeet Singh, who is a major leader from a prominent political party in Canada, and a son of Indian immigrants.

A rich culture to experience

Canada has a rich cultural heritage and a set of immigrants from all over the world. The country is also home to people from various faiths, sexual orientations, country origins, and more. It is a diverse nation, which means you are less likely to face any discrimination.

For example, one in five people in the country is a first-generation migrant. Even in a prominent city like Toronto, nearly half of the population are immigrants. Also, Canada does not have a major political party in the climate that opposes immigration and aims to deploy stringent laws.


In 2019, the Global Peace Index ranked Canada as the sixth safest country in the world. Moreover, Canada is a vast country with just 37.5 million inhabitants and four individuals in one square kilometer. So, employ the tips outlined in this post or seek expert advice consultants for Canada PR. The country has myriad prospects for Indians, which are just a PR application away.

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